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An agent of socialization is something that affects you as an entity, and consequently the society as a whole. Agents are the persons, groups and organizations that generate the social framework in which socialization transpire. There are various agents of socialization; however, what are the most important in society with the most significance? The family, the community, peer groups, mass media and school all play big roles in our lives and our position in society. It is by way of these agents of socialization that we, as human beings, learn and assimilate the principles and models of their culture.
In my opinion family is the most important agent, simply because the most important years of our development (early childhood and teenage years) family has a major impact on our lives. Our relationship with our family is extremely imperative to our development. It is from them that we get our attributed status, language, fit into gender roles, pick up habits, and our initial values, beliefs and religion. Our interactions with our family from birth, through childhood and our teenage years have paramount influence on our personality, values, morals, etc. Family members act as role models to whom and what that child aspires to be when they grow up. And family members use themselves as the model of what the children should be like.
My family is middle to upper-middle class, and I know that they expect nothing less from me. They raised me to the best of their abilities and gave me all the tools and resources I would need to become successful. Ever since I was a child they gave me the best so that I would always expect and want the best for myself. The main family members I grew up with are my mother, step father, younger sister, two of ...

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... recognized by the cool girls at school in hopes that we would be popular too. We want to be acknowledged by our male peers and viewed as pretty and “girlfriend material.” Want everyone to know who we are, and to have a good reputation. Unfortunately girls are extremely petty and competitive with each other, and will tear each other down just for our namesake. I believe that peer groups are the rise and downfalls of girls, the very thing that we want can break our self esteem. It’s very hard to be a female growing up in today’s society; this is a conversation I have with my mother far too often, due to the fact that my little sister is being bullied by girls who used to be her best friend.
The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” holds a lot of meaning in today’s society. The community has an extreme influence on our upbringing and who we are as people.
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