affirmative action

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Perhaps one of the most divisive issues in the United States is race. While most Americans would rather not talk about it, there are still issues surrounding race that will strike the interest of most citizens. This is perhaps nowhere more true than the debate over affirmative action. Although the United States has made great strides in improving race relations over the past forty years, affirmative action continues to be one of the most controversial policies in America. It has rattle the halls of higher education. It has appeared on the steps of the Supreme Court. And it has also split the opinion of different racial groups, and even members within a single racial group. In fact, I heard some of the most spirited debates over affirmative action between two African Americans. Like myself, many other African Americans believe this policy is one the most effective strategies for helping underrepresented minority groups gain access to education and employment. However, critics of affirmative action believe this kind of reform does an injustice to the idea of merit. Though no one can deny minorities and women have made significant steps towards autonomy and equality in America, there are still wide educational and economic disparities between minority groups and white males. While the issues and controversies surrounding race can not be resolved easily, the question remains: Do we still need affirmative action in America? I say yes, affirmative action was and is needed to help prevent unfairness caused by discrimination in America. I believe the doors of opportunity have just peaked opened for women and minorities and the United States should continue to use affirmative action as an appropriate instrument for achieving racial and gen...

... middle of paper ... and minorities by providing them opportunities for advancement.
In conclusion, affirmative action has been criticized as a shallow solution that does not reach deeper economic problems in the United States. However, when understanding its purpose, affirmative action was never designed to solve the economic inequalities in America. Instead, it was intended only to rectify discrimination in hiring and academic admissions. When assessing the necessity of affirmative action, the question Americans should ask: Does affirmative action counteract the continuing inequality caused by discrimination? Studies shown that it does. And when affirmative action programs expands access to education and employment for individuals from underrepresented minority groups without substantially diminishing the opportunities of white applicants, the benefits far outweigh any harm.
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