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In the current competitive world, an entity has to entice methods of marketing its product and services to an ‘inquisitive clientele’ as observed by a mill in his book ‘White Collar’. The most used mode of marketing is advertising. This paper tries to synthesize various issues surrounding advertising since time immemorial. These are like historical changes, considerations of the advertisers themselves and the rights and privacy of consumers. I am interested in exploring the following issues because they have affected advertising since time immemorial.
The field of advertising has experienced many historical changes over time. These dynamics are triggered by different aspects of marketing frontier. In the 20th century, advertising was subject to different factions in the society as observed by Rosen in his book ‘Introduction to Marketing’. These are like political, economic, socio-cultural and geographic ideologies. Some adverts were politically inclined with a view of winning consumers affiliated to a particular divide. These were rightist or leftists which distorted the image of many entities due to their biases while rolling public awareness programs on their products as noted by Thompson. Adverts were also mostly tailored towards up market consumers, thus discriminating the low-end consumers. This exclusivist view of advertisement alienated many down-market consumers leaving them neglected and betrayed in the society. Thus, their orientation on such company’s commodities deteriorated which in turn affects demand. On socio-cultural front, organizations adverts were leaning towards a particular gender. Commodities were advertised on female or male backdrop...

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... facts mentioned, the rights and privacy of consumers have to be considered while advertising a company’s product.
In conclusion, to make discovery in advertising, its issues have to be considered. These are like the historical changes that have occurred in the advertising industry. Also, advertising considerations are important in analyzing the advertisement path to take. The rights and privacy of consumers are also paramount while making advertisement decision.

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