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Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is the most commonly diagnosed diseases among children in America and for a interesting reason. The diagnosis of children between the age of 4 and 17 has exploded exponentially since 2002. what is the reasoning for this dramatic increase you ask? Before blaming parent and doctors, you may want to do a little more research. Recent studies have reviled a striking correlation between ADHD diagnosis in children and standardized test scores. The no child left behind act, or NCLB for short, was sighed into law by president Bush in 2002. This act was the first real attempt by the federal government to link school funding with students performance on standarized test.In fact, The amount of children diagnosed over the past two decades has nearly doubled. With school funding on the line, lack of resources, and students education at risk is no surprise that ADHD diagnosis has skyrocketed. As much as parents, teachers, and doctors would like to blame ADHD for poor test scores, it may be the act itself that needs re-evaluation. Children across the nation are being misdiagnosed with ADHD when the real disease is the lack of proper education. The No child left behind act is actually the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This act is based on the idea that setting high standards for children by providing measurable goals will help individual educational performance. Each State develops its own standard as to what is high performing and what is low performing. In order to recive title one funding, school must must show an improving AYP or adyquite yearly performance.This means that the school must perform better each year than it did in the previous year. If a school is repeat... ... middle of paper ... ...o schools in need of extra help with children that perform below average on test. Social reform is the only way to change what seems to be a social issue. Performing well in school has become more important than ever. Since the Introduction of the No child Left Behind Act, the pressures to perform have grown exponentially. Because of the lack of funding and resources, after school tutoring for all low performing students in lower income areas is nearly impossible. Turning to ADHD medication may seem like the only option because of its availability and low cost, but it is by no means the safest way help struggling children meet the quota. few actions have been taken to decrease the amount of children diagnosied and perscribed stimulants over the past decade.With dramatic socila reform virtually impossible, The ADHD explosion is showing no sighn of slowing down.

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