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Every college student has to deal with stress at some point in his or her academic career. Sometimes this stress becomes so tremendous for a person that they can’t escape it. This will do tremendous damage on the individual’s mental health. This is why I made a brochure to help promote stress awareness for college students. I went into detail about the symptoms of stress and how to cope with them. I tried to make it as concise as possible and only applied the most important information to the brochure. The parts of the brochure include, stress: the plague of college, what is stress, indicators of stress, diminishing stress, defective coping mechanisms, and references. I applied a soothing yellow to the background to gain their attention and hopefully calm them down if they are under a lot of stress.
In the title section I presented a comical drawing of what it is like when a person has tremendous stress on them. I put this there to hopefully get their attention and become interested in the brochure. If they think this drawing is funny or relates to them when they are under stress, they are more likely to read the brochure instead of just tossing it in the trash. The title “Stress a students worst nightmare…” is a catchy but accurate title; stress can become a nightmare for college students.
My first section was the “Stress the plague of college.” I gave it this title because stress is something that every one experiences while in college and it will not go away like a plague. This section gave the brochure exigence, why this is a problem and they should be concerned. I then went on to explain that some students drop out because of the stress that they are under. This is not only a problem for the student who drops out, but the uni...

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.... This can just cause more stress on them while making the problem worst. Also a drug addiction may come out of it. The scientific study from where the information was given was also used to prove its accuracy and creditability.
I also included references that were used throughout the brochure. This provides the reader a chance to learn more about the exact details and findings of the scientific studies. There was a picture placed with a college student that is doing work and is tremendously happy above the references with the title “This could be you!!!” This picture helps reinstate that the coping mechanisms could make students happy. This brochure will be placed in libraries and the health center. Students would be more likely to be under high stress and to pick up the brochure. I hope the brochure makes students stride for happiness and helps spread awareness.
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