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There is more evidence to suggest that ACT is effective with depression and OCD, however several studies suggest that there is evidence of its effectiveness with addressing anxiety. Act is most effective by changing the way participants respond to the anxiety and not the anxiety itself. Moreover, there is evidence that ACT may not be diagnosis specific but address specific internal thought and emotional thought process that generally contribute to well-being (Twohig, Crosby & Enno, 2011) ACT would describe anxiety as not being caused by the thoughts and feelings associated with worries but by the individuals struggle to get rid of these unwelcome guests. By spending so much time, effort and focus on the anxiety it becomes powerful and inhibits an individual’s quality of life. The individual is invited to accept that although the thoughts may not go away they are able to function with them (Lejuene, 2007; Twohig, Crosby & Enno, 2011). The first session would involve a predetermined agenda by the social worker. Rapport and a therapeutic alliance should start to be developed. In ACT the professional positions themselves not as an expert but as someone who will be facilitating the process and has an area of expertise. It is important to take a curious and supportive stance and project the genuine belief that change is possible and can happen quickly (Zettle, nd). In establishing this partnership it is also important to be transparent and open about the construct which we will be working from. Diane has been involved in therapeutic interventions in the past and may have expectations about what the process will be like. It is helpful to gather from her what she found helpful and what she did not find helpful. By explaining ACT it ... ... middle of paper ... ...d to be fully examined and integrated in order to measure effectiveness. Time would be given to identifying additional areas of support or alternative interventions to support Diane on her journey. ACT provides the opportunity to make change in the here and now and to also map out a direction for the future. ACT seeks to empower people and open their lives to new possibilities. There is the acknowledgement that they are not alone in their struggles and that indeed they are “normal”. For Diane, ACT would counter her rigid beliefs that she is unworthy and encourage her to confront her thoughts instead of pushing them away. As she moves towards reintegrating herself into her daughter’s life she will inevitably have many difficult internal experiences. By utilizing the concepts learnt in ACT she will have the tools and confidence to remain true to her intentions.

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