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Introduction The purpose is to explain the similarities and differences between financial and managerial accounting. Provide examples of managerial accounting reports that she could see within EEC. This paper will explain both financial and managerial representing Eddison Electronic Company (EEC). They will both have the same usage which is to get ready and examine money related information related to the organization. The motivation behind both of these bookkeeping routines is to furnish the clients with enough data to settle on sound investment choices in regards to the organization. Consequently, both of these bookkeeping techniques will be exceptionally weighty in figuring out the budgetary status of the organization. First off, I will start by explaining what is financial accounting, and managerial accounting. Financial Accounting is concerned with reporting financial information to external parties, such as stakeholders, creditors, and regulators. Managerial accounting is concerned with providing information to managers for use within the organization (Garrison, Noreen, Brewer, 2012). Financial accounting is utilized to present the monetary wellbeing of an association to its outer stakeholders. Governing body, stakeholders, fiscal foundations and different gurus are the crowd for financial accounting reports. Financial accounting shows a particular time in the past and empowers the gathering of people to perceive how the organization has performed. Financial accounting reports must be recorded on a twelve-month groundwork, and for publically exchanged organizations, the twelve-month report must be made a piece of people in general record (Francis, 2014). Managerial Accounting is utilized by chiefs to settle on choices conc... ... middle of paper ... ...ndition of a business, and identify the strength and weakness of the business. The main focus is to determine if the business will be able to compete with other companies today are in the near future. An example of vertical analyzes would be shown in the figure below. Conclusion In conclusion, All in all, money financial accounting is utilized to report fiscal data outside of the organization, while managerial accounting center all the more on inside the organization. While concentrating on the numerous diverse managerial accounting reports to help you to settle on better educated choice with respect to EEC’s bookkeeping data. Managers play an exceptionally paramount part in the choice making methodology of the organization, and the administrators utilize the financial and managerial reports to help with any choice now and within a brief span of time.