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Abortion is a very controversial topic in America because it is a big human rights category. Plenty of people feel that abortion should be illegal. A vast majority of people do not fully understand what abortion is or what procedures are done to abort a child. Abortion is currently legal in the United States, but in other countries it is very different. My Human Rights issue is Abortion the United States. The definition of abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. I personally do not believe in abortion. The human rights being violated are the taking of a life. Most women get abortion because they believed that a baby will affect their working, or schooling. Then others say they don’t want to be a single parent, or their struggling with their husband or partner. Some women get an abortion for the safety of their body or the baby.
****The pro-choice option gives the women a decision to choose whether or not she wants an abortion. Women that may have an unplanned pregnancy and do not plan on keep the child can have an opportunity to abort the child if they want to do so. Because the baby is unborn people do not see it, as a human so aborting it is not considered killing a person to them. Some unplanned pregnancies can come from not being responsible, failed birth control, or rape/incest. (Marcotte, 2013) The irresponsible people that end up a pregnancy may want to abort the child because they do not have the financial means to support a child. Teens often have unplanned pregnancies because of them being irresponsible. They may want to get an abortion because they are too young to take care of a child. Women that may have failed birth control should b...

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...ount. These aborted children are the future of our world.
People say all the time the kids are the future, and yet we continue to kill them by the millions because we don’t think we can take care of them or are not responsible enough to avoid getting and unplanned pregnancy. People should know that you get help in life. If you know you can’t afford milk or baby food and you live in a low income household. There is W.I.C. they will give you coupons for free milk baby food and a lot of other things that are affordable. There are programs that will give you free clothes and diapers. People will help you out in life. Even though you may have done a lot of people wrong, they will still help you out. They will help you when it comes to the baby needs. The baby didn’t not do anything to the people you are mad at. That baby did no harm in this world so don’t kill it.
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