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I took the ethic class in this semester, besides explaining the morality theory that we could use in daily life, it is also talking about how to think some ethical issues in common nowadays and make the decision from the perspective of moral philosophy way. Abortion is one of the ethical issues that people argued a lot as. People are more likely deciding into two sides. Pro-life (abortion is morally wrong, fetus is like a human being.) and pro-choice (the fetus is not human being also woman should have right to decide) In this paper I will focus on mother-fetus relationships and Marquis’ argument for abortion is seriously wrong, afterward state I will explain why I think he made a successful argument and present my reasons for pro-life. Also, I will follow up with one of objection about human right for fetus and then respond my thinking to the objection.

Abortion is referring to the procedure of artificial terminated the pregnancy. Generally speaking, the main reason for abortion is to prevent the fetus’ birth from considering mother’s health or self-decision. I agreed with Don Marquis’ argument. He was proof abortion is morality wrong indirectly. In his conclusion, he first explained killing people is unethical, because the murderer deprived all rights and values from victim in the future. (From ethic class) A normal adult could contain variety future (experience, all kinds of activities, love or plan for own future). This could imply that, abortion is deprived all rights from un-birthed baby in future. Therefore, abortion is a seriously wrong. I believe that, by basically speaking, fetus and mother are equal value, once mother got conception, fetus become a human being, just like all of us. Indeed, he/she should have equal ...

... middle of paper ... being has its own rights to survival and each one has own future value, even the value is not showing right now. We cannot arbitrarily deprive the rights from them. There is also a special case about early knowing that the fetus will be disable or woman being raped, so should we kill them? Are they having future value too? Or what if the fetus is risk mother’s life? It’s hard to answer those questions, if woman knowing that doing sex might be pregnant, and get pregnant, its woman’s responsibility, so that abortion is not permissible. According to this point of view, abortion is only allowed in case of woman got raped and pregnant or not voluntarily been using body, the concerted woman have not responsible for abortion. I believe that abortion is permissible from human moral side to lead to reduce the overall sadness for most of the people if in the cases above.
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