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Health Care Accessibility a Challenge for Aboriginal People The health of Aboriginal people in Canada is both a tragedy and a crisis (Aboriginal Affairs and North Development Canada, 2010). Aboriginals have a higher rate of death among aboriginal babies, twice the national average, higher rate of Infectious diseases example gastrointestinal infections to tuberculosis, and chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease are affecting more aboriginal people than they once did (AANDC, 2010). Availability of important medical facility is not enough to accommodate the growing medical needs of Aboriginals. A socioeconomic and cultural issue also hinders the access of aboriginals to access health care in the community. Availability of health care providers and specialist are inadequate to provide Aboriginals proper health promotion and prevention. These factors signify Aboriginal people have inadequate access to quality health care in Canada. There is inadequate medical facility to accommodate the health care needs of Aboriginal people. First, due to increasing in numbers of Aboriginal older adults, there is a need to increase seniors’ facilities. In the 2006 census, nearly 5% of Aboriginal people were aged 65 and older. This data is expected to increase to 6.5% of the total Aboriginal population by 2017 (Health Council of Canada, 2013). Although the start of the senior year is 65 years old, organization starts to cater Aboriginals from 55 years old due to high prevalence rate of chronic diseases. Seniors home is one of the most important facility Aboriginals need today along with medical emergency facilities and primary care facilities. First Nations seniors on reserve are not receiving the home care and continuing ... ... middle of paper ... ...cy, high infant mortality rate than non aboriginal Canadians, this signifies that access to quality health care system is better in the non Aboriginal community. Thus access to quality of health care of Aboriginals is inadequate. In conclusion, Aboriginals have inadequate access to quality health care in Canada. Health care facilities are limited and not enough to accommodate the growing numbers of seniors (age above 55) and population in general. Health professional has been limited in numbers not enough to give quality care to Aboriginals. Lastly, socioeconomic status hinders aboriginals to avail quality care. When there is increase in demand for health care Government organization should compensate to accommodate every citizens need for health care. Unable to do so, health care delivery is compromise and it shows that there is a significant failure of the system.

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