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The purpose of this short essay is to discuss people responsibility which plays a key role in the successes of Itella in 2012. The total number of employees was nearly 28,000 at the end of 2012. Women accounted for 41% and men took up the remaining of Group’s employees. However, there was a small personnel reduction with 435 workers, due to either the resignation and pension or production and financial reasons. Itella continuously deployed an updated program which called the Employee Code of Conduct as well as published the electronic material. Those activities might help their workers familiar with the Code during the year. Itella attracts approximately 30,000 job applications from every part of Finland yearly. This firm provided summer jobs which length between three weeks and three months for 2,500 applicants. Most of them worked in the metropolitan areas where has the highest number of receivers and mail traverses. The corporation also participated in a country-wide campaign “Responsible summer job” with other companies. According to the campaign, participants must create a fr...
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