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General learning: • Both China and Hong Kong are highly tech savvy countries. Almost 90% of the population uses Internet and mobile phones. Technology has had a considerable effect on every aspect of their life. • I experienced the technology when saw most of the people watching television on their mobiles and most of them were using GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled devices while travelling in subway and bus. • Respect is given to seniors on the basis of experience as well as education. This was evident almost all the time during our stay in both the countries. They respect their seniors and are ready to do any task assigned by them. • They are highly punctual. They respect people who respect time. • Emphasis on name cards & the mode of giving it. • Local family businesses have survived and are giving stiff competition to MNC’s. • There is a high level of Interaction between Industry and the Academics. Many industries have their R&D departments in the university campus. They provide facilities to students learn the trade in a practical way. • The Government has played a ver...

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