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Introduction During the Early 4th Century B.C Sparta was a powerhouse society in Ancient Greece. The Spartiates had gained control of the Greek Empire after withholding against the Athenians and defeating them in the Peloponnesian War. This presented them with their greatest victory in battle in their military history. It gave the Spartiates their greatest results gaining power, money and land. Due to their greatest results came their greatest repercussions that eventually caused their own downfall ending the existence of the Spartiates. There are many opinions on the main reason of how and why the Spartiates declined, but in this essay it will discuss a select few immediate and systemic causes that could of led to the decline and existance of Spartiates. Through the unpreventable immediate effects after the Peloponnesian war, to the systemic causes, which could have been prevented, the Spartiates were their own enemy when it came down to controlling their own existence. Peloponnesian War Casualties One of the very first signs of an immediate cause to the decline of the Spartiates was the casualty numbers that had hit the society during the Peloponnesian War. This war consisted of the two empire states of the Spartans and Athenians, and during a long campaign the Athenians eventually surrendered to the Spartans in 404 B.C.* This resulted in the wholesome power of the Spartans to control the whole of Greece and it’s states due to this victory. It is believed that the decline of the number of Spartiates was due to this battle that lasted from 431- 404 BC. The casualties on both sides were enormous, the sheer amount of soldier that Sparta had provided for the war were smaller compared to the Athenians at the time*. The Athenians rea... ... middle of paper ... ...emselves and move forward. They were just a society of Military thirsty men that only knew how to defend themselves in battle and when it came to ruling an Empire they had no idea what to do and how to do it. The population of the Spartiates was not enough to grow and they were their own worst enemy. Their own people mostly slaves were against everything that the Spartiates were doing, and the government weren’t helping in that they were just greedy and the same system adopted was to restrictive to growing as a society and empire, it didn’t help that the Spartiates themselves were scarce and couldn’t bring enough blood to progress. The Spartiates had themselves to blame and even though they had the power and would go down in history for their military triumphs, their whole system of government and policy were there own faults for gradual downfall of Sparta itself.

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