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People who consistently think negatively are enslaved to their mind.
Thoughts are vital to a well state of mind and well being. People’s thoughts make them think a particular way based on what they have seen and experiences they have had. Although everyone has at varying times in their lives experienced negativity, criticism and mistreatment, excessive negative thoughts and opinions on any particular subject or experiences is bad and harmful. Constant harsh critiquing on anything is bad because people who do this don't see any other options. They don’t accept the opinions of others and they remain convinced in their own minds that only they are right. Eventually, these people dismiss others and hurt others, making those around them feel bad about themselves. Very often these people alienate those around them and they wind up alone and as miserable as they make others feel.

The results of constant harsh criticism are serious and they affect people differently. For example, very critical people are very narrow minded and don't listen to reason. People who are constantly being criticized may react by constantly thinking negatively themselves. They think negatively about themselves and others and it doesn’t stop there. People who feel they are constantly being criticized may also criticize everything and everyone around them. They might choose to go their own way because they rule and it’s their way or the highway. They don’t realize when they have done wrong when they crash and burn, yet they still blame others because they think they have no other options. The longer the harsh criticism continues, the more people lose sight of anything positive in their lives.
People enslaved to their negative thoughts are selfish, very self-cons...

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...his life. He even understood that he could also help free the minds of other slaves by teaching them to read.
Once Douglass broke the trap that held him captive, he became a more powerful person because his knowledge and courage to keep a positive attitude replaced a life of discouragement and sadness. He was able to think and find solutions to all the miseries in his life. He even purchased his freedom and was able to express himself by speaking and writing. The most powerful thing he did was continue to learn so he could defend himself and speak for others who were still suffering the way he did. Frederick Douglass’s ambition to escape the enslavement of negative thinking paid off for him. He became a free man who could clearly express the evils of slavery and improve the future of black slaves who were still suffering as much as he had suffered for many years.
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