a safe family

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In order to complete my essay I choose fatima altunaiji and her family to fill my survey. She is my aunt's friend. I asked my aunt to arrange a meeting between me and her family. She is a twenty eight years old teacher and her husband is a thirty two years old soldier. They have 3 kids, midia is 5 years old , khalfan is 3 years old and alya is 1 year old. They have two maids in the house. The family have an over 30000 DHS Income. After chatting with the parents a bit I stated my work. They had a lot of knowledge about how to be a safe family. I realized after this meeting that the mother is too concern about her children health ,so she is trying to provide a perfect environment for them to have fun and be safe at the same time. She makes sure that there are no smoking, sharp uncovered edges or poisonous materials that her children can reach in the house.

The parents are against smoking. There is no smokers in the family. Actually no one in the house have smoked cigarette or shisha before. the parents are working in a healthy work environment. They are glad for that because they think that smoking cold hurt the smoker and the people around him. The father and the mother showed a huge rejection for a smoker in the house. The father read about the effects of a smoker on the people how live in the same house. He said "the smoker is a killing machine, he is killing himself and his family". The parents are aware that smoking could lead to respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The mother encouraged me to read about the harms of smoking. She said that there are amazing statistics which shows the effect of living in an environment that allows smoking. After the meeting I began searching for stats smoking in United Arab...

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...food-borne disease is a infections of GI tract caused by beverages that contain harmful bacteria, viruses, or chemicals. the symptoms are food-borne illnesses include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain , fever, and chills. 76 million illnesses food-borne diseases could be cause from not cleaning the kitchen or the fridge. fatima altonaiji and her family is a very healthy and safe family, but still there are a lot of dangerous ways could cause an injuries. is important for these great parents to keep reading about how to make their home safe. ther home was nearly perfect but, their ware some mistakes like using baby walker and depend on the maids to feed the children when the parents are not in the house. the parents ware educated. i am sure that they will find a way to provide the perfect environment for there children by reading more about how to be a safe family.
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