a loba

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“A Loba” “Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.” - Lord Byron. I relate this story in the exact way my forefathers related to me, I don’t know if it is true or just a story, it is up to you if you want to believe it or not. Many years ago, nearby the Brazilian coasts, where the weather is always warm, where the breeze caresses softly the skin of the natives, where the sun smiles and the palms wave greeting the people, there was a young couple that just got married. Their names were Rogerio and Andréia. They were part of the “Luanos” tribe. Rogerio was a very manly sailor, strong, tall as a palm; his eyes were blue as the oceans where he gets his food from. Andréia was the most beautiful young lady in that tribe, her skin was brown like the cinnamon. She was tall too, straight long black hair, her eyes where black and she had a deep look that penetrates every men soul. This young couple was loved for every one of the tribe, perhaps too loved. A few years after they got married, they had a son named João. Looking at João was like looking as his father, they resemble each other. The “Luanos” tribe was led by “a xamã” which in Portuguese means “the shaman”. A xamã was a very old woman, with her hair painted in silver by the years she had lived. It was believed that she was around 200 years. A xamã had a granddaughter, she was beautiful too, but not as beautiful as Andréia. Her name was Ysabella, better known as Belinha (short form for Ysabelhina). Belinha was in love with Rogerio. Since forever, Belinha tried to make Rogerio to fall in love with her, but it was in vain, his heart belonged to Andréia. A few days before the “celebração da Lua”, Belinha went to Rogerio´s house to look for him, he was not th... ... middle of paper ... ...a’s head and something strange began to happen. Her arms became legs, her body full of fur, her nails became claws, her teeth became fangs, her eyes turned yellow and a tail came out of his back. She was converted in to a she wolf or as the natives use to called them “a loba.” This is what Lua meant when she said “you will sing for the eternity” Belinha was condemned to sing to the moon forever. Every full moon or whenever a couple consummates its love, people can hear a she wolf howling with sorrow, lamenting that she’s never going to be loved. Would you be willing to ask Lua for the love a person? Would you be willing to take the risk to become a beast? Or would you try to make a person to fall in love with you just with your actions, being truthful and authentic? As I said before, this might be true or just a story, it is up to you to believe it or not.
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