a city for the stronger

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In Plato’s Republic and in the Politics of Aristotle, we encounter different views in how to create justice and wisdom in a city, while both philosophers try to find the best way to rule such city. Plato and Aristotle attempt to create what they believe is the ideal city which can create happiness among its people. Since Aristotle was a student of Socrates we can encounter similarities in their views but at the same time Aristotle presents in his definition of the city what we would call a more modern view of the polis. It is important to start with Socrates view since, as mentioned before some of his ideas apparently come from Socrates’. Socrates gives his idea of the city in book II of the Republic; he presents his vision of a “simple city” which represents a city that only satisfies the basics needs of the people. In a dialogue with Glaucon Socrates exemplifies a city that only covers food and shelter arguing that the only thing that a person need to live is what they need to survive, even though as he mentions people tent to think that “that we are not individually self-sufficient, but have many wants”(Republic 60). Glaucon says then, that the representation of Socrates’s city it’s a “for pigs” and that a well structure city goes beyond all natural needs. Hence, Socrates starts adding to this city saying that it must begging with the over sight of education. Also, Socrates at the end mentions that people in the city must have control over the music and education, meaning the to be control over the media and the religion. Moreover, Socrates gives examples of the different roles in society and says that the only thing that creates harmony in the city if it everyone plays their role. To give everyone its “natural role” Socra... ... middle of paper ... ...imed at a common goal. In Aristotle’s view, he presents a system of laws that also changes when you change the polis. Citizens are entitled to participate in the management and administration of the city, its functions are politics and combat arms when necessary. Most of the people of an modern society might think that the city of Aristotle can be more ideal, since we can compare it to the American dream, where everyone can become what ever they one if they get the right education and work hard. This said, Socrates could say that it is unrealistic since not everyone can rule in any city not even now days. It is very important to mention that the issues that both philosophers present are very present in today’s society, even if the amount of inequality proposed in both cities can be shocking for us, it is hard to accept that it does exist in todays modern politics.
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