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Half of these homeless people are families, forced out in the streets as a result of job loss which as a result increases a feeling of hopelessness because jobs become increasingly hard to find leaving even the most qualified individual without work. This often happens because companies in recession have less money to spend and because of that, are forced to lay off employees in order to survive.
Less educated employees are often the target of layoffs. They are more vulnerable compared to those with a good education. And because during recession it is difficult for one to find a new job, those out of employment often stay there sometimes for as long as the recession lasts. As a result most people plunge in to hopelessness, in fact studies show a direct correlation between recessions, unemployment and suicide particularly in adult males as well as an increase in mortality rate in males who have been laid off. This can be attributed to by the psychological effects that come with recession
More often than not, stocks drop during recession making it difficult to sell goods and services because consumers experience a decrease in purchasing power. Investments during recession suffer because of the decline in stock prices. Most investors fear economic loss and as a result do not invest. Small companies unlike large companies often do not survive the changes and often go bankrupt.
Most governments as a result of recession have less money to spend attributable to an increase in national debt. As a result, struggling businesses and banks that depend on government money to survive end up depending on the federal aid for survival.
It would therefore be important to understand the adverse effects of recession as they are along the gender line...

... middle of paper ... the tendency of the study data collected to spread around the center, this will be done through either finding the range by subtracting the lowest value from the highest value and finding the range or through standard deviation
The plan also involves inferential statistics that include trend analysis, analysis of variance models as well as multiple regression and correlation. Trend analysis will help find change or a forming pattern over time while the analysis of variance modes will help compare average scores of different groups and the multiple regression and correlation will help measure strength in relationship between different variables in the data collected
Schedule and Budget
The project will run from April 20th to December 30th 2014 this will include project planning, implementation and report writing. The table below gives the breakdown in budget.
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