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Mr. Johnson Douglas is an older adult aged 75 years old who is seeking for care at the community health center for increased chest pains he has experienced within the last 24 hours. He noticed initial chain pains approximately 45 minutes after he settled in his office. This pain was characterized with discomfort and shortness of breath though he does not sweat, feel nausea, or vomits. Douglas complains that the chest pain has refused to subside though it initially seemed to be a minor condition. He has not tried to relieve the pain through any measure other than attempting to rest. Mr. Johnson Douglas has a long history of hypertension that has previously been effectively controlled with diuretic therapy after admission and diagnosis. Before the intermittent chest pain occurred more than 24 hours ago, he was in his usual condition of good health. While settling in his office, he experienced the sudden onset of chest pain that he describes as aching and dull in character. The constant chest pain escalated within hours and was accompanied with discomfort and difficulties in breathin...
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