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Innovation Planning and Design Process:
The modern business world is an ever-changing environment that contributes to numerous challenges for companies to enhance stability, profitability, and productivity in every industry or sector. In attempts to keep track with the ever-increasing competitive environment, companies across every sector or industry should develop and implement innovative measures that help them gain competitive advantage over rivals. However, the innovative measure will not only be a one-time affair because of the rapid technological advancements that result in rapid changes in customer preferences. These improvements also lead to complete modernization of the market and business operations. Through innovation, the companies foresee these technological factors to deal with competitors to become successful. Nonetheless, innovation requires innovation planning and design process, which are essential for company growth.
Innovation and Design in Today’s Business World:
Organizations and businesses in the global environment are forced to permanently look for the most effective techniques to maximize their innovation management initiatives (Liem & Brangier, 2012, p.5244). Companies seek for such efforts or measures because of increased dynamism of the business environment. The innovation management efforts adopted by organizations and businesses are through new techniques and paradigms that serve existing and new markets efficiently including those with new and modified products and/or services. As part of radical innovation, the innovation management methods should consider global trends in planning for future contexts as well as products and services.
The classification of drivers for innovation involves ...

... middle of paper ... is differentiating through balancing the ideas with certainty. It involves consideration of what makes the new product and/or service competitively unique and what it seeks to achieve in the lives of customers. The final process is using the innovation to enhance every aspect of the organization or business and not solely improving the product or service through taping brand equities and reinterpreting.
In conclusion, innovation planning and design process are important aspects of enhancing an organizations productivity and profitability. These processes help in achieving this objective through enhancing competitive advantages in light of the ever-changing global business environment. Generally, innovation planning and design processes are multifaceted procedures with a series of steps including ideation, building consensus, differentiation, and enhancement.
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