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Religious and Disability Accommodation:
The current employment laws require employers to make certain reasonable accommodations in order to promote equal employment opportunity and avoid discrimination in the workplace. Some of the most important accommodations for employers are those concerning religion and disability because of the increase in workplace discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs and disability. These reasonable accommodations are explained in Title I and Title VII of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The two basic governmental agencies in the United States mandated with the task of enforcing equal employment opportunity laws are the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of the Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).
An employee’s religious beliefs or practices may contradict the job requirements. In such incidents, the federal and states’ regulations require employers to work with their employees to accommodate these beliefs and practices rather than ignore their religious needs. Even though reasonable accommodations are relatively different under discrimination laws, the most common religious beliefs and practices can be accommodated whereas employers strive to fully understand these religious obligations. In essence, the religious accommodations for employers are sincerely held religious beliefs and practices, particularly those that do not enforce undue hardship (Gross, n.d.). Religious beliefs and practices that do not impose undue hardship are those that do not hinder the organization’s legitimate business interests. In such cases, the employer is required to prove that any accommodation would need sacrifices beyond the normal business costs, lessen efficien...

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...performance since it eliminated fatigue associated with standing while carry out her activities.
In conclusion, reasonable accommodations concerning religion and disability were enacted as part of the laws in Americans with Disabilities Act in order to enhance equal employment opportunity and lessen incidents of workplace discrimination. These regulations are enforced by two major governmental agencies in the country i.e. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of the Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Reasonable accommodations regarding religion are sincere religious practices and beliefs that do not cause undue hardships on the employer. On the contrary, reasonable accommodations are those that enhance the job performance of an employee with disability through removing physical barriers and obstacles related to workplace procedures and rules.