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In contemporary, Bengali theatre is based on the experiments done by some playwrights like Utpal Dutt, Rabindranath Tagore and Badal Sircar. Utpal Dutt was a well-known actor, director and playwright. He founded ‘Little Theatre Group’ in 1947 and enacted many plays of Shakespeare and Brecht in English. In India, Dutt had introduced “Epic Theatre” (discussed in the later part of this chapter) first time to the Indian spectators. He highlighted ‘Epic theatre’ not only in his career of direction but also in his dramatic writing. His plays are an outcome of strong impact of Marx on literature and society. His famous plays, which are based on the dramatic devices of Epic theatre are – Kallol (1965), Manusher Adhikar, Louha Manob (1964), Tiner Toloar and Maha-Bidroha, etc. But the difference between Brecht and Dutt is that of the way they used Epic theatre on stage. Brecht has directly presented class struggle on the stage while Dutt has presented Epic theatre on stage by mixing it with theatrical tradition of India. Many of the features of Epic theatre were already present in traditional ...

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