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Professional Statement:
I am an imaginative and energetic educator, who fosters effective relationships, identifies learning needs, takes personal interest and creates positive learning environments. In my classroom, I adopt the principles of inquiry-based learning and apply a constructivist approach, to support and encourage the learning journey of each individual child. In order to create active and informed citizens, I believe that children must be actively engaged in authentic learning experiences that are relevant, meaningful and significant to their lives in today’s rapidly changing world. I gain great satisfaction from observing and supporting students to succeed, thus, differentiation of learning is also a key feature of my classroom program. I endeavour to create and maintain a classroom environment in which children not only feel safe and secure, but in which they also recognise that learning is inclusive, engaging and exciting.

Throughout my teaching practices, I strive to develop excellent rapport with all students, teachers and parents. I motivate and engage students in their learning, whilst using a range of teaching strategies. These include the use of technologies such as ‘Moodle’, ‘Learn 2 Teach’, ‘Desire to Learn’, interactive whiteboards and other digital equipment. With strong IT competencies, I regularly implement these technologies throughout the curriculum. Learning tasks are structured to provide for individual learning needs, the diversity of the students’ backgrounds and to optimise effective learning time. I consistently maintain accurate and comprehensive records of students’ progress and achievements, and provide feedback to students on their performance in a way that builds confidence and encourages...

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... in order to engage students in the delivering of the content.

Within my previous practicums, I have used a range of teaching strategies that incorporate the use of information technologies (ICT). These include the use of technologies such as ‘Moodle’, ‘Learn 2 Teach’, ‘Desire 2 Learn’, interactive whiteboards, tablets and other digital equipment. Having strong IT competencies, I successfully implement these technologies throughout the curriculum to enable, support and accelerate deeper learning in literacy and numeracy. During a Year 7 Technology lesson about reliable and non- reliable sources, students were engaged in a whole class discussion about different sources and their properties. I was able to embed elements of ICT’s into the lesson, utilising the visualiser, interactive whiteboard and the Internet to extend learning in a fun, flexible and engaging way.
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