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Right now the largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States. The Halliburton-developed drilling technology of fracking or hydraulic fracturing has unlocked massive reserve of natural gas just beneath us. After being asked to lease his land for drilling, director Josh Fox embarks on a cross-country mission to learn more. In his journey, he uncovers a trail of secrets, lies and contamination. As uncovered in the film, fracking has a profound effect not only on the environment but the people around it. As inhabitants of the Earth it is our right to protect and nurture the environment. The four things one must consider worth that are environmental justice, sustainability, biodiversity, and ecosystem integrity. Throughout the film each of these four elements are affected, in one-way or another. The idea of sustainability is exactly as it sounds, to sustain. Fracking affects this process because in order to sustain materials and substances on this planet we but preserve them, not actively seek to rid our planet of its natural entities. One key selling point of natural gas is the fact that it is “renewable”. Though our planet will make natural gas, it is not infinite. When it is tapped out, it will take another million years to produce more (Professor McMillian mentioned this in a lecture). The process of hydraulic fracturing affects not only suitability, but also the biodiversity of the land these people live on. Josh Fox interviews many people in this film, some speak of how animals getting sick from the after affects as well as themselves. Lisa Bracken of Garfield County, Colorado, talks about the West Divide Creek of 2004. She talks of how gas from a natural gas well seeped into the creek... ... middle of paper ... ...ness and diversity except to satisfy vital needs”. This process of fracking is purposefully going against this idea. Instead of having to do this to “satisfy vital needs”, these gas and oil companies are drilling simply because they can. The film uncovers that some people could have more than 5 wells on their property. The whole idea of Deep Ecology is basically that we live on this planet; we do not own it. The third law takes that idea in stride. Satisfying vital needs would be the residents drilling their well for drinking water. Once the fracking is done, their water becomes unusable. Gasland takes what many see as a “greener fuel” and proves that, while it could be beneficial to more people, those that it is affecting disagree entirely. The film puts a name to the idea that some things are not worth the price one pays; the environment is priceless.

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