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North Eastern Corridor (NEC) mail line is an extensive rail network which covers close to 457 miles running from Washington, D.C to Boston, MA and serving Amtrak, commuter and freight trains, passes through eight important states of United States and the District of Columbia. As mentioned in above sections, most of these rail line is basically owned by Amtrak itself. It will not be incorrect to say that five major hub metropolitan regions of north eastern corridor-New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, D.C and Philadelphia, to a great extent are dependent on Amtrak service for both business as well leisure travelers travelling both to and within the region. Infrastructure which Amtrak has established for NEC is also of great support to large and growing network of commuter rail services which supports and connects corridors hub cities and intermediate cities.
The intercity rail service existing in this region can be said as the most developed and extensive in the nation. With a forecasted ridership of 17.4 million by year 2020, it can be understood that how important this rail corridor is for the entire region. However major constraints and challenges which lie in front of Northeast Corridor is related to the capacity constraints and the urgency to upgrade the existing infrastructure. With rising ridership and introduction of new services it becomes important for main stakeholders to upgrade the already burdened infrastructure (Chen & Haynes, 2014). Cost estimated for these activities like infrastructure up-gradation and enhancing capacity requires close to $8.8 billion (based on 2010 master plan of NEC). Although ambitious goal of reduction in trip timings were set almost decades ago, but due to inconsistent availability of ...

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...Téllez, 2013). In such circumstances it becomes critical for rail service providers to increase their service reliability and offer service which leaves no scope of complain. It is not necessary to have impeccable service only in passenger rail service category, but it is also required in freight as well as commuter rail services.
Another important aspect which is highlighted through this study is that, there is vast scope of investment in this north eastern corridor. Whether it is infrastructure enhancement or it is introducing new high speed trains or capacity enhancement, all of these requires extensive funding from both federal as well as private companies. Until and unless infrastructure will be not upgraded, there will be frequent issues in the rail service offered on this segment. Hence it is critical to revamp and maintain this entire corridor efficiently.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the various rail services that exist in the north eastern region of the country.
  • Explains that amtrak's share of passenger traffic between new york city and boston increased from 20 percent to almost double 54 percent since 2001.
  • Explains that amtrak dominates the intercity passenger services, but there are several other commuter rail agencies which operate passenger service through infrastructure developed by the company.
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