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Many financial analyst believe that China can play a much more important and significant role in terms of market for US export in future. Despite of economic recession englufing entire globe, China has been one such econmy which has been growing in such scenario. Because of its rapid growth has been estimated to continue for coming future it has presented itself as lucrative export market for US manufacturers and other business. China has always maintained focus on its effort towards modernization of its infrastrucutre, upgrade of industries, improvement of rural living standards and various other aspects. This foucs of China has created a large export market for US. With a population close to 1.3 billion and foreign exchange reserve estimated to be around $3.7 trillion China today is an enormous market for any business. Apart from being a lucrative export market for US manufacturers and other business, China also is one crucial importer to US market. This can be understood by the fact that China was the largest source of US imports in 2013, which is estimated to be $440 billion. Importance and position of China as a source of imported for US has grown significantly over past few years. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that from being the eight largest importer for US in 1990, China now has become the top source of imported for US by 2013. Imports from China are mostly for computes, and communication related products, however there are other items as well like, apparel, semi-conductors, toys and other electronic parts which are imported in huge amount from China to United States. US-Germany Economic Policy Germany being one of the most important country withing European Union, it has established itself as a major trade pa... ... middle of paper ... ...ke China, Japan etc. But still Germany has significant stake in form of investment in United States and vice-versa. This fact cannon be ignored that both countries have major investment in form of business setups and employement generation. Hence because of such close dependence none of these three country can ignore the importance of each others might and financial power on global areana. Ultimately import-export between two countries is the lifeline for not only the economy of the importer and exporter but also for the entire eco system which develops around this activity. Hence it is important to understand that United States, Germany and China are three main pillars of the global economy along with other countries like India, Japan etc. and any wrong decesion or policy move among these three countries can result into major impact on the economy at global level.

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