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shared with them all of the information that they have and has given them the clinic’s contact information so that they can move on with their plans. Their issue now is to raise the money that it is going to take in order to go and have the therapy done. This to them is not a roadblock as it would be to most, but to them is just another brick wall that they must hurdle. They appear to be very spiritual as a family and put a lot of faith in God to guide them on their journey. It is this blind faith that often gets people through situations that they would never have gotten through on their own. When looking at Mosby’s Medical Dictionary (2009) “faith healing is the alleged healing through the power to cause a cure or recovery from an illness or injury without the aid of conventional medical treatment”. The healer is thought to have been given that power by a paranormal force. Faith healing refers to frequently obvious and ritualistic practices of communal prayer and gestures, such as laying on of hands, that are thought to solicit divine intervention by beginning factual physical ...

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