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5-year Career Development Plan:
In the modern working environment, the definition of a career path has extended to include options of several paths, working on various positions, and development of new competencies. Consequently, an individual needs to remain committed to an ongoing, proactive personal career development and management in today’s economy. The process of ongoing career management incorporates two major steps i.e. self-assessment and the development of an individualized and thoughtful plan or design. The use of these two processes enables a person to be proactive in the management of his/her career path. In relation to the development of a career plan, an individual should make several considerations such as a realistic evaluation of accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses (Wagner, 2010, p.17). This paper presents a 5-year career development plan for becoming a human resource manager in one of the leading companies across the globe. I am currently a sophomore undertaking a course in human resources since I would like to become a human resource manager.
Career Goals and Objectives:
I am a 17-year old college sophomore student undertaking a course in human resources in a leading university in the country. My career goal is to become a human resource manager upon completion of my studies in this profession or field within 5 years. I would like to work in a large organization with several branches and contribute towards ensuring that the organization recruits and retains a highly productive workforce that help in realization of organizational objectives. As a human resource manager, I would like to contribute towards building a company that will be renowned as an efficient and consistently productive firm w...

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...include increased educational and experience demands because of the changing nature of human resources. Actually, there is need for new role and agenda for human resources to focus on outcomes rather than conventional HR activities (Ulrich, 1998, p.1). The second potential barrier is credibility issue since I will enter the human resource field with minimal work-related experience despite academic qualifications.
In conclusion, as a second year college student in human resources, my career goal is to become a human resource manager who helps in linking human capital management with the real work of the organization. This goal will be achieved through developing necessary skills and experience that are required in the field. The process of achieving this goal requires formal education and work-related experience from internships and working in a HR department.

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