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Cybersex: Cheating or Not Cheating:
Cybersex is a concept that has developed in the recent past because of increased use of the Internet in the modern society. This concept has attracted several debates and controversies, especially because Internet affairs and sex are readily available. It has also developed because the Internet provides an established opportunity for infidelity that easily accessible and hard to resist. Given the prevalence of cybersex because of increased Internet use across the globe, there have been several arguments and counterarguments on whether it is a form of cheating or not. The main reasons offered to argue that it is a form of cheating are based on the belief that it is characterized with activities that constitute cheating. Some of the reasons provided to support this view include the fact that cybersex provide fantasy, safety, and big opportunity for escape. On the contrary, some people argue that it is not a form of cheating because it does not really involve romance and physical intimacy since it is based on fantasy, which is not a component of cheating. An analysis of these arguments and counterarguments demonstrate that cybersex is indeed cheating because of its activities.
Development and Growth of Cybersex:
Generally, prior to rapid technological advancements, a typical affair used to begin in the office and move to a secret motel room. More than twenty years ago, people were basically sure about what constituted infidelity or cheating. Some of the major signs that were used to detect cheating in a relationship include a husband spotted in a restaurant with his secretary, strange silent phone calls, pink lipstick on a husband’s collar, and unclear and unexplained absences from home. ...

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...r though it does not involve sex at the outset. By engaging in this practice, the unfaithful partner usually leaves the other lonely and with unmet emotional and sexual needs. In some cases, the activity contributes to divorce and fights on child custody similar to real affairs.
Cybersex has developed to become a major threat with devastating effects on a relationship and marriage like a real affair. This practice has replaced traditional cheating because of the prevalence of Internet use, affordability, accessibility, and anonymity. While it continues to have huge effects on relationships, there are controversies on whether it is cheating or not cheating. Even though different people have expressed varying opinions on whether the practice is cheating or not cheating, an analysis of the arguments and counterarguments show that cybersex is cheating.
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