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American Red Cross and Blood Donation:
The American Red Cross is an organization that plays a crucial role in the health care system of the United States. This is primarily because the organization is the largest single supplier of blood and associated products in the country. American Red Cross collects and processes over 40 percent of America’s blood supply and distributes the blood to nearly 3,000 healthcare facilities and transfusion centers across the globe. In addition, the organization also plays a major role in safeguarding the safety of blood donors and patients as well as increasing the accessibility and availability of blood and blood products. Notably, American Red Cross depends on ordinary individuals and citizens to donate blood as well give their time, expertise, and finances in collection and distribution of blood and blood products. While there is no need for a special reason for an individual to donate blood, donating blood helps in changing a life because of the constant need for blood and blood products by some patients.
Background Information:
American Red Cross is an organization that has continued to play a major role in the country’s health care system since the Second World War when the nation was in need of a huge supply of lifesaving blood (“About Us”, par, 2). The need for lifesaving blood on a huge scale contributed to the development of this organization that collected approximately 13.3 million pints of blood plasma for use by American soldiers in the war. Upon the completion of World War II, American Red Cross launched the first countrywide civilian blood campaign and program. Since then, the organization collects about 6.5 million units of blood annually from nearly 4 million donors acros...

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...hat gesture from you. Your blood is the most precious resource you have and can give without incurring any costs. Please spare a thought for a needy individual and donate blood today to save a life. It is the most significant gift that will cost you nothing to give to another individual.
American Red Cross has continued to play an important role in the health care system of the United States because of its role in ensuring the availability and accessibility of healthy and safe blood supply. However, the organization depends on blood donors and volunteers to achieve its goal and contribute towards saving a life. Therefore, it is important for individuals to help this organization achieve its goal by donating blood. Blood donation is service to mankind; an opportunity to give the most precious gift that can save a life within a short period of time!

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