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The Role of Media in Reporting Terrorism: Terrorist attacks have developed to become part of an indirect strategy to achieve political objectives through their impacts on an audience. In this process, the attention of the media has also served as an important channel that terrorists communicate with their audiences. Consequently, one of the major objectives of terrorist groups is to affect the degree and tone of media attention to their specific acts and attacks (Walsh, 2010). In the past decade, recent history has demonstrated numerous examples of the mutually beneficial relationship between terrorist groups and the media. Some of the recent terrorist attacks indicate that the perpetrators of terrorism use the media for various purposes such as propaganda schemes, operational efficiency, recruitment, collecting information, and fund raising. Moreover, this history also indicates that the media has had a positive impact in lessening the effectiveness of terrorists. Media as a Force Multiplier for Terror Groups: Media plays a crucial role in terrorism either as a force multiplier for terror organizations or as a channel for lessening terrorist effectiveness. With regards to the role of the media as a force multiplier for these groups, terrorist acts are seemingly wasted without the media’s coverage of the incidents (Bilgen, 2012). This is primarily because the acts will remain restricted to the immediate victims instead of reaching the wider audience that the terror violence is targeted. Moreover, terror acts are relatively wasted without media coverage because terrorists are primarily interested in audience rather than victims since how the audience responds is equally important to them as carrying the act itself. There... ... middle of paper ... ... the activities of terrorist groups. Social networks provide platforms for real-time intelligence monitoring that provides clues regarding terrorist activities and violence. In conclusion, there is a symbiotic relationship between the media and terrorism as recent history has demonstrated that terrorist organizations and the media have mutually beneficial relationship. This is primarily because the media can serve as a force multiplier for terrorist groups through increased coverage to reach huge audiences and the creation of fear and suspicion as intended by the terror organization. On the other hand, the media has had positive effects in minimizing terrorist effectiveness through its influence in thwarting future terrorist activities and violence. Notably, social networking and social media provide an avenue where this symbiotic relationship can be magnified.

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