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Companies once believed that hiring individuals with high Intelligence Quotients (IQs) was a reflection of a sound recruiting strategy until the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) emerged. Emotional Intelligence introduces a new way of looking at the root cause of the successes and failures of several business professionals. The concept explains why some people with Intelligence Quotients flounder, and why those with moderate IQs do surprisingly well. As a result, Emotional Intelligence is a term and concept that is being increasingly within human resource departments and slowly finding its way in the executive board rooms. Generally, emotional intelligence is becoming a major concept in the modern working environment as a replacement of the concept of Intelligence Quotient. The concept is simply described as how well people understand and manage their emotions as individuals and how well they develop and maintain relationships with others. As the concept has created a lot of buzz in the business world, it’s important to examine why managers want people with high emotional intelligence not intelligence quotient.
The Concept of Emotional Intelligence:
The concept of emotional intelligence was introduced to a wide audience by Daniel Goleman in 1995 when he published a book on the subject. He was also the first person to apply the concept in business in 1998 when he published an article on the topic in Harvard Business Review. Goleman was one of the main researchers who examined how to describe emotional intelligence and the behaviors that demonstrated skill or lack of it when using this concept. His research work included conducting a survey of approximately 200 large, global companies. Goleman discovered that the con...

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...der to help achieve effective communication. The other reason for the need for employees with high emotional intelligence is because of the impact of the concept on organizational success.
Emotional intelligence has emerged as an important concept in the modern business environment because it helps organizations to achieve much more as compared to having intelligence quotient and technical skills. As evident in several studies, this concept is strongly linked to company success because of its direct effect on the bottom line. Unlike intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence deals with understanding one’s and others emotions and using them to develop good personal relationships in the workplace. Employers have increasingly demanded for employees with EQ because of its impact on company success and changes in the contemporary business environment.
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