Zoo Observation Essay

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For my observation I chose to go to the Fort Worth Zoo on October 16th. I was excited to get to go to the zoo as part of a school project. It was a great way to see what we had been learning in person. I got to see how the primates moved and interacted with each other and compare them to human movement and interactions. I first located the Pan Panisus, also known as the bonobo or pygmy chimpanzees. When I visited there were only two adults. I was surprised on how big they where. I have seen them in pictures and on television, however their size was still impressive. One bonobo was asleep off in the corner and the other was near the center grooming his own arms and legs. I was able to observe him for a few minutes until he noticed me. At that point, he walked away using both his feet and the knuckles on his hands to move to a new spot and turned his back to me and sat down. There he continued grooming and I moved on…show more content…
I watched the homo sapiens walking around mostly free except for inside the enclosures of the animals. The humans where the most social of all the animals seen at the park. The humans also had the biggest interaction between adults and children, with most humans traveling in a family. While most of the humans did walked upright and using only their feet they also carried their young on their shoulders, hips, and in strollers. While no grooming was viewed in the wild, groom had taken place before going into the park. Both males and females had fixed their hair and covered their bodies in decorative clothing. Some females had also applied color to their faces to highlight facial features. The trip to the zoo was very enlightening. It was a great exercise being able to see how primates interact with each other. I would have like to see more interaction between the primates, but I am sure they, like me, where hot in Texas heat and happy to stay still can
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