Zombies and the End of the World

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When it comes to the end of the world, most people think about God coming or the sun exploding. There is one other thing on the list that has the film industry thriving with money. Zombies are on the top list of how the world might end. Zombies are a body reanimated after the person dies. It also needs a virus to help reanimate the body. Zombies are one of the most talked about way that the world might end.
One of the most famous stories about zombies is the during WWII, the nazis had a secret lab that they would do experiments on the bodies of some the Jews that they killed. These projects were done by two teams: one military and one civilian (“Povtin Newsly”). They have uncovered some documents that were labelled with the name “Project Z”. They found in the files they found pictures of the bodies that they tried to reanimate. The Nazis worked really hard to try and reanimate the bodies, but what people have found with the files that they were never successful. All the zombie research was funded by Reichspost, under the Reich Research Council (“Povtin Newsly”). No matter what they did to try to perfect the virus, they never found the right chemicals to use. The research was shut down after the war had ended. Also all their work was destroyed after the war. They never did go back and try to perfect the virus.
It is said that if there is ever a virus that does reanimate the body, it will spread fast. It will probably start in a small town or something like that. Then people not knowing that they have the virus will fly different cities. That’s when the virus will spread to other people. Then those people will go to other places and then it will spread to the world. It is like any other virus, once it is out there it is ...

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...s don’t change, and those people would be wrong. It may take virus thousands of years to change, but just like everything else they learn to adopt.
Almost everywhere you go you will hear someone talking about the end of the world, zombies usually comes up in that discussion. Scientist have put zombies on the top ten list of ways the world is going to end, because of various reasons. One is that viruses are always changing and mutating. Two is that countries have started working with nuclear stuff more and more.

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