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Its acquaintance is inevitable so good luck at trying to escape from

it. Zeitgeist is the spirit of the age, as the dictionary defines it

to be, but in my own terms it is the paranoia or 'scream' of a given

epoch. For instance, the international fads like high-speed Internet,

diminutive cell phones that miraculously slide and fit comfortably in

your jean pocket, and convenient photo-taking digital cameras reflect

the zeitgeist of many developed countries of the past decade. We see

these items all over place on expressway billboards and during the

two-minute commercial breaks that disrupt whatever televised program

happens to be on the screen. We even see them in the millions of ads

slammed into magazines. But this is just a single side of zeitgeist.

Yes, this two-faced creature is better known for the drama and fear it

infects a nation with. For example, in the recently released

documentary, Bowling for Columbine, creator Michael Moore remembers in

a small scene how the local news introduced the "killer bee" panic

attack across the country in 1990. Moore was reflecting the issue on

how the news is constantly trying to make the people of the nation

terrified. In the end, the killer bees never made their expected

appearance. Zeitgeist is indeed the ghost of a time that haunts the

entire population. However, it has been recognized in various ways. In

the following paragraphs, I shall describe four different zeitgeist

identifications as well as my own.

In the introduction of The Snarling Citizen by essayist Barbara

Ehrenreich, she characterizes zeitgeist in solid form. "Our

contemporary zeitgeist is a low, snarly creature ...

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...racteristic of any time period, has been characterized as good as a darling youthful aura to as bad as a monstrous blob stretch out over the living room floor. But no matter what personality you give it, take into consideration what Barbara Ehrenreich said. "No one can monitor the zeitgeist without being drawn ineluctably into it." (152) It's almost like your second shadow. However, people have chosen to have that second shadow. I have learned that people worldwide cannot survive without dramatic dilemmas. Injected with fear and boiled adrenaline, people have their supply of energy and reason. When one problem is born, an individual or group battles it and eventually reaches a solution. But when solved, we are then looking for an entirely new battle. Zeitgeist is inevitably going to be met and is impossible to get away from. Enjoy never living alone.
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