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“No, he didn’t. For I’d ‘a’ been ashamed to tell him that you grudged me the money to get back my health, when I lost it nursing your own mother” (Wharton 46). This section of the book fixed my perception of Zeena. As I begun reading I thought Zeena was just simply an ill wife, with her hard-working husband. While Ethan battles his feelings for Mattie, I was angry. This is based on how I was raised, I was angry that Ethan liked another while his own wife struggled with her own health. I thought he could do more to help his wife. The quote shocked me, I didn’t think of Zeena like this. I thought of her as a sickly, caring wife. I was wrong and this section gave me a new version of what was happening. Soon instead of being angry at Ethan, I became …show more content…

Similar to Ethan when he chooses to stay with Zeena. While I don’t have a wife I have to worry about, I’ve got to worry about my own well being and boy am I bad at that. Being a college student I understand the money struggles, and not being able to do everything (two jobs, and many hours of studying). I will also admit to not being very responsible when the parents are away (no I don’t throw parties, but junk food and video games are more fun). Similar to when Zeena is away Ethan feels a less anxious. Well first one is the most obvious one. What did Mattie say to Mrs. Hale? This is a question that bothers me, I’m not usually overly curious, but what was so bad that Mrs. Hale can’t repeat it? This bothers me a bit more than it should. Another question I’d ask is why is there a deadly foreshadowing, but no one physically dies? I always preferred to be able to predict what happens, and do not appreciate a surprise plot twist. Why start the story with a narrator and end it with the same narrator? I’ll admit that this style shows the effects of Ethan’s choices, but why exactly an unnamed narrator? Where did Wharton get her inspiration for her characters? Simply a out of curiosity. With a single last question, why a

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the book fixed their perception of zeena. while ethan battles his feelings for mattie, they were angry that he liked another while his wife struggled with her own health.
  • Explains that they understand ethan's struggles trying to balance his responsibility and time for fun. they also admit to not being very responsible when the parents are away.
  • Opines that mattie's statement to mrs. hale is a question that bothers them more than it should.
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