Zara Company Case Study

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What decisions do the customers of the web site make?
Answer: is an online store that customers can make their purchase through this website. Moreover, customers visit this website in order to purchase their goods such as fashion clothes (women, men, and kids), accessories, and bags and shoes. At the end of their visiting, they may or may not end up by purchase one or more goods from this website, and this is a decision that customers usually do through this website. Customers purchase their unique fashionable goods through this website which includes design, production, distribution and sales through our extensive retail network.

2. What decisions does the web site make in response to the customers’ requests?
Answer: is
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Moreover, the IT department plays a very important role, and they always take immediate actions whenever the company’s sever down. They have strong capability to fix network traffic, data redundancy, and stock error. Zara brand also put a huge amount of money on their advertisement, and those advertisements really increase the company’s revenue, so this is also another major advantage that other brand hard to compete with The way that the website organizes the products is very user friendly; customers really enjoy to shop, and it is also easy for them to shop at this online store. V. Strategies for achieving competitive advantage.

1. Barriers to Entry that Restrict Supply: Zara is a popular brand compare to its competitors in the same market industry. Customers trust this website as well as the items that they are purchased. The important point of this online store is that the store provides their customers a convenience time and also helps customers to save on shipping cost if the customer are willing to pick up their online ordered stuffs at their nearest local store, will offer that services for free.

2. Demand Control: the demand is under the supplier control because Zara is a trusted clothing brand, and they give their customers at the highest satisfaction in term of their products quality. Therefore, their regular customers are usually their returning
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