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Yule is also known as Yule Tide, Mid Winter, Christmas, Xmas, Festival of Sol, Pagan New Year.
Yule is the Winter Solstice and it’s a good time for reflection, resolutions and renewals. Yule is a good time for giving loved ones and friends giving gifts, it’s a great time to send acts of kindness out into the world and good will.
At Yule time Wiccans and other witches hold rituals to celebrate the balance of light and dark, the warmth from the healing rituals bs warmth back to our world; which brings us all a little closer together. We also host parties and celebrate in many other ways like host parties, visit with our families or have big meals with all the family together.
Yule was here long before Christmas. The Egyptians celebrated Yule over 4,000 years ago. They worshiped and did rituals to honor the return of the sun. After the Egyptians were celebrating Yule began to catch on in other places across the lands. The Persians began to celebrate Yule after that and eventually all over Pagans were doing rituals to bring back the sun on Mid Winter and in celebration of Yul...
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