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Many people think differently about YouTube, some people think that it has an immoral effect towards society, but it actually has a positive effect towards society. YouTube is given a negative impact towards society by all of the immature people on it. It has many education and funny YouTubers on it so it can be entertaining. YouTube can be entertaining by people doing funny skits/videos. Additionally, “People like ‘Smosh’ may have some crude humor and violence, but they are still somewhat entertaining to watch.” (Levine 1) This is true because, all of those YouTubers who have crude humor in those videos are still funny. Moreover, “Also many YouTubers have videos that are very funny and they put them up every day or every week.” (Levine 1) Many YouTubers gain their fame by being funny and posting often. As a result, people think YouTube is entertaining partly by the funny people and videos online. Some YouTubers do gaming videos and can be funny. First, “People say Uberhaxornova, Seananners, and SSoHPKC are really funny, but also curse a number of times, but they are still funny without cursing.” (Zeller 1) Many YouTubers do curse because they feel that it is appropriate to them. In addition, “People who do gaming videos and do not curse but are funny, are very famous by people of all ages.” (Paul 1) People who are funny can be awfully famous in their own way and have many subscribers. Clearly, gaming videos are another part why YouTube is entertaining. YouTube can also have some education in it by some YouTubers doing educational videos about fun stuff. Clearly, “green runs Crash Course, where he teaches world history, and the agricultural revolution.” (Jaworski 1) Crash Course is actually a good educational channel on YouTube t... ... middle of paper ... ...oring 18 + stuff. Thus, YouTube can be a good thing for society because all of the plusses. It can involve children, teenagers, and also adults. It has some channels that have just funny stuff on them and education on them. They can also be censored by YouTube so they won’t have dirty stuff on them. Those are just some of the reasons why YouTube is good for our society, and not harmful to them Works Cited Levine, Grey. “YouTube is for entertainment & not for a credible news source.” Australia points of view Jan. 2014. Web. 1 Jan. 2014 Pennington, Donald. “YouTube’s Censorship of Religiously Offensive material is evil.” Web. 1 Feb. 2014 Zeller, Tom, Jr. “A slippery slope of censorship of YouTube. 9 Oct. 2006 Web 1 Feb. 2014

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