Youth Suicide Essay

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The growing youth is a crucial part in our legacy. However, throughout the generations, millions of teenage lives have been lost to a simple, preventable cause: a cause known as youth suicide. In this, youth suicide is rapidly becoming a prevalent issue within both developed and developing countries. Suicide has become one of the leading causes of death among persons of the age 10-45, with 2 million attempted suicides annually, with 800,000 successful suicides. It is because of such high numbers that Morocco strongly believes that immediate action needs to be taken. The problem of youth suicide is particularly prevalent in more developed countries, as several factors, such as economic, educational, or cultural pressure have a grave impact…show more content…
Today, the times have changed. Racial discrimination no longer runs rampant in the open, however, many people are affected by it behind the scenes. Even in the United States, with its guarantee of fair trial and equal sentence, black males often receive a 10% longer punishment as opposed to white males. Racial discrimination no longer operates as a conscious mentality, but rather as a subconscious tendency. Black males are 20% more likely than whites to received mandatory sentences. They oftentimes also have the highest possibility of being subjected to frisking, 80% of all friskings were on black males, as opposed to the 6% of white males who were frisked. In this, racial discrimination operates in the courtrooms, office cubicles, and under the table, in ways that often times cannot be traced or proven. This situation is even worse in developing countries, with ethnic cleansings permeating throughout the African and Asian regions, as well as the ideas of race superiority affecting millions of lives today. In this, racism is an issue that affects both developing and developed regions of the world, demanding the attention of the United…show more content…
At the current moment, many people in the world are simply unaware of the racial situation throughout the world. By promoting fair and equal treatment, affected men and women will have the opportunity to voice their concern of society. Racial discrimination is an issue that will have a strong opposition, however many people are just simply unaware that it still occurs. We would like to work in conjuction with UNESCO in the process of bringing the issue of discrimination to light. With the Understanding Race Project under the American Anthropological Association, Morocco hopes to raise awareness in both developed and developing
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