Youth Among The Homeless

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Homelessness is all around the world, and many people have either dealt with the issue or had first-hand experience with it. Thus causes everyone to think about the possible solutions to such an important social and economic problem. Whether or not anyone wants to support or ignore the issue, it will always be there. However, the youth population is on the rise among the homeless. While the exact number of youth among the homeless is hard to determine, given various information about homelessness available and the age range that is considered youth, a 2012 survey from the Department of Education shows that 52,950 unaccompanied homeless youth were reported through school-based programs (Sparks 31). Homelessness among youth can be overcome or at least reduced, by reducing family conflict, severe economic hardship and abuse.
Homelessness has always been seen as people just being lazy, and choosing not to work. In the 1600s transient individuals or groups were thought to be “morally deficient”, punished by God for their undesirable behaviors. Back then in order to live in a town you would have to prove yourself to a “community father”, before they would consider your residency. Present day individuals must also prove “self worth” in order to live in any society. The complex structure dictated by others and followed by complacent individuals gives rise to multiple variables that causes homelessness.
Most people who have lived with family have at one point in their lives come across family conflict, especially where their views clash. Family conflicts and miscommunications have often been problems between family members. Taking sexual orientation as an example, many gay adolescents in today’s society feel the negative backlash of e...

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