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What are the key issues in your understanding of youth? This is an interesting question. I am just about to graduate college and even though I was a freshman in high school only 8 years ago it seems like a lifetime. The standards on academics and athletics are so competitive I am not even sure if I would have made the teams todays. The pressure to perform is evident in our youth. This idea that we have to be perfect in all we do has damaging effects as these youth grow up. I have found that youth are struggling with low self-esteem, drug, and alcohol addictions because of these pressures.

Youth needs vary depending on the person. One need I have seen prevalent in youth is a role model to look up to. So many teens have to rely solely on their peers for advice which is not always the best idea. They need someone to look up to and go to when they have problems that are too big for them to handle on their own. Our teen’s safety and well-being is a greater concern today than it has in the past. On the news you hear of school shootings, drugs, suicide attempts, bomb threats, terrorist attacks, etc. Today’s youth are exposed to sexual temptation, school violence, alcohol, illegal drugs, and countless other dangerous influences. Some teens try them out of curiosity. It is surprising how many do not know reliable facts about sex, drugs, and alcohol. I would like to think that all parents are talking about these issues with their children, but it is not the reality. For this reason, it is important for educators, youth ministers, counselors, and other adults need to step up to the plate and be role models for these children.
I agree with Clark’s definition of the “world beneath”. Today’s midadolescents ...

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...must take the time and relate with youth without holding expectations or time restraints. With all the negative media influence today there is still hope. Parents, adults, and youth workers can help youth in a variety of ways. First and fore most we need to pay attention. Media is a public health problem and should be taken seriously. We need to stop the violence against women, educate youth, change norms, get involved, and change attitudes in order to make a global change. My challenge for everyone is to speak out. If everyone speaks out the environment will change. We want to live authentic lives and make sure our youth realize that the medias depiction of what we should look like and act like is an unrealistic fantasy, especially movies.

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