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Imagine a world that revolved around pure happiness, how would you describe this world. Would you say that a happy world really exists or this state of mind is unreachable? There are many components that build up happiness. Can we say that happiness has a superior component based on objects as oppose to feelings? There is no true definition of what happiness is, however we are able to examine the different components of happiness. As we have learned so far in class, happiness is a complex word that had different aspects that come together to build up this state of mind. In our textbook Happiness the Science Behind Your Smile, Nettle incorporates many different aspects that allow the reader to view happiness in different perspectives.
For my interview I decided to interview a very close friend of mine Michael. Michael is a very positive and optimistic person with a smile on his face. He loves to look at the world in different
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To better analyzed the response from my interviewee I decided to incorporate the chapter written by David G. Myers Will Money Buy Happiness? He points out some interesting points in regards how money plays a role in our happiness. As stated by Myers, "Once we have enough income to afford our needs and feel control over our lives, piling on more and more money and consumption entails thinning increases in our happiness" (pg.45.) Although, money does play a role in happiness, the main role of happiness is to allow us to feel in control of our happiness. Like Michael mention in the interview, money can help you by lead you to the pathway to happiness, but it does not give you happiness itself. We can use money to help us progress to be where we want to in life. However, this will not simply give us happiness. I do agree with what Michael said in regards to helping others helps us achieve a higher quality of happiness as oppose to object that money

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