You're So Vain. You Probably Think This Essay Is About You.

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The world is not all kitty cats, rainbows, and sunshine. Society as a whole is deeply rooted in vanity. Hardly anybody cares about good ol’ integrity anymore. Of course, they do care about some things, and then those things are generally obsessed over. Not one single person can honestly say that they do not care what another person thinks about them. People stress out over what others may think about them, when in all reality those people are so stressed out over what that other person thinks about them that they do not even notice the first person. It makes sense, right? No. It does not. Vanity is the source of human demise, and this world is no place for escaping it’s firm grasp. Vanity is laced throughout literature in the form of some of our most beloved characters. Take a gander at John Proctor from Arthur Miller’s carefully crafted play, The Crucible. John is going to be hanged at the gallows for witchcraft and is given the chance to save his life by signing a confession to be hung on the church door, but he ends up tearing the paper and choosing to die to save his name....
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