Your Business and Mac: A Very Beneficial Relationship

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A woman brought her 14 year-old-son with her to an Apple store to find out if Macs could help her with her clothing boutique business. She said, “My son says I should get a Mac to run my business, so why should I?” I told her, “Let’s show you why!” I then gave her a Mac demo. Starting with GarageBand I created a 30-second advertisement that sounded like a newscast. Then I showed her how she could create her own music and save both as audio files. I then started PhotoBooth and recorded a short video of her talking about her boutique. I imported the short video, audio file, and a number of pictures from iPhoto into an iMovie project. Then I exported the finished project to iTunes. Once in iTunes, I transferred the file into an iPod and told her she could take her iPod to her retail store and play her own commercials with her store's stereo or video system. After that I took her boutique pictures and created a marketing flyer in iWork Pages and created a catalog in Numbers so she could mail both to her customers. Her face betrayed her astonishment at what I was able to do and she then told me that about 40 percent of her marketing budget was in outsourcing advertising to others and if she could do it herself she could save money. I said, “This is what I can do in five minutes. Think how much more you could do. So, what do you think?” “You had me at GarageBand,” she said (true story). She already had a successful business and learned the Mac could help her save time and money by bringing in house some of the marketing she was paying for. In Good to Great, author Jim Collins says the correct view of using any technologies, including Apple’s, is “technology becomes an accelerator of momentum, not a creator of it.” Macs are just tool... ... middle of paper ... ... with passion and new ideas creating new markets for products and services. Donny Deutsch’s book The Big Idea named after his CNBC television show, describes how to go into business for yourself in 12 steps. During his show, he interviews the startup owners. Afterward he restates why the startup began, then says, “There’s got to be a better way!” Have you found a better way? In a January 2009 Wired magazine interview with author Seth Godin about his new book Tribes, Godin said, “The Internet means geography isn’t so important, so if you can find the 1,000 or 5,000 or 50,000 people out there who want to make a certain kind of change and can connect them and show them a path, they want to follow you. You can use that tribe, that group of people, to make change that matters.” Do you have the next big idea? What do you imagine your legacy will be? Go create a tribe!

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