Young Hardman's Analysis Of Staff Wilding As A Good Army Man

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Throughout his birching Hardman 's strokes seemed to be coming harder and harder but by dint of taking each stroke and being encouraged to keep taking it like a man, Hardman eventually got to the point where his resolve was good and strong (like Staff Wilding 's right arm) and the lad knew that he had to take it, he did not want to let himself or Staff Wilding down. Hardman 's attitude shows that he is made of the right stuff and that Staff Wilding 's assessment of the lad is accurate. From the start, Staff Wilding was certain that the lad would take his medicine well, even though Staff Wilding would be laying on the Army Birch as hard as he could by the end.  Hardman knows that he has to be a man about such things, floggings…show more content…
With this sort of attitude, the lad will go far. He also knew that taking his birching properly would enhance his status amongst his mates; so he had this added incentive to endure the extreme pain that was getting more and more acute with each stroke of the Army Birch that landed on his backside. Being respected by one 's peers, can be a very strong motivation to overcome a severe challenge! Amongst the Boy Soldiers Witt was always considered to be the hardest lad, even after his birching and all the fuss that he made whilst it was being laid on. Lads being lads, now view Hardman as the hardest lad because he was far more manly when taking his strokes of the Army Birch and he got twice the dose Witt did. Young Hardman is currently 'Cock of the Walk ' and feeling very smug because he showed his mates how a real hard lad takes an Army Birching, no doubt this will get young Hardman into further trouble and see him getting his backside welted with the Army Birch again, before much longer. It is only right that Hardman has displaced Witt as the hardest lad in the regiment, given the fuss that Witt made while he was taking his…show more content…
I am sure that having to birch the lad won 't stop Staff Wilding from taking his belt off to the lad today and giving his backside another good, hard leathering, Staff Wilding knows that Hardman is the kind of lad that benefits from a constantly sore backside, just like he was (is). Hardman definitely took his Army Birching like a real man and Staff Wilding was genuinely impressed with how Hardman took it. Staff Wilding was really laying on the Army Birch hard by the end, yet Hardman manfully took each stroke, even though that stroke clearly challenged him. Hardman 's buttocks are clearly made of tough stuff, as Staff Wilding expected his backside to be cut and welted by the end of his Birching. Given how tough Hardman 's buttocks clearly are, I 'm sure that Staff Wilding will make sure that his leathering later that day, is laid on even harder than normal! Lads like young Hardman need good, hard, regular Corporal Punishment - it is the only

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