Young Goodman Brown Light And Dark

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Breanna Duarte
Mrs. Stanford
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20 March 2015
Light and Dark
"Young Goodman Brown", is one of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's greatest literary works. A story of temptation and faith, overflowing with hidden meaning and symbolism. Hawthorne shows faith as a great asset but, when that faith is jeopardized, one can become doubtful and cynical towards the world. In the story, Young Goodman Brown falls prey darkness and sin, despite seeing the light of heaven. He becomes a person who does not trust his own faith and dies corrupted by evil. Throughout the story, Hawthorne uses light and dark imagery to symbolize the struggle between good and evil in the world.
In Hawthorne 's, "Young Goodman Brown," the dark refers to the evil and temptation people face everyday. The Puritans believed that the Devil and evil resided in the woods. When Brown leaves his wife Faith, he tells her to go to sleep at dusk so no harm will
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The use of light in,“Young Goodman Brown”, symbolizes there being a brighter place to be. The short story begins with Goodman Brown starting his journey, "he came forth at sunset" with his wife Faith encouraging him to, "prithee put off your journey until sunrise" (Hawthorne 324). The author is emphasizing Brown 's journey into darkness. Faith urges him to wait until sunrise to avoid the Devil and to remain in the light of God. When Brown looks up to the sky to pray, "a cloud, though no wind was stirring, hurried across the zenith and hid the brightening stars", displaying his strength at resisting the evil (Hawthorne 329). The light of heaven represents goodness still being present even in the darkness of forest. The second time the sky is referenced, Goodman Brown is at the evil ceremony and begs his wife to look to the heavens in order to save herself. He tells her to, "look up to heaven and resist the wicked one", suggesting that the light of God can save those tempted by evil (Hawthorne
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