Young Goodman Brown

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Even a good man can be evil if he has no one to believe in any longer.
In the first section of "Young Goodman Brown" naive goodman brown has high hopes for his voyage. In the beginning Goodman Brown is about to, optimistically, set foot on his journey when his wife, Faith, stops him and says; "pr'y thee, put off your journey until sunrise, and sleep un your own to-night. A lone woman is troubled with such dreams and suck thoughts that she's afraid of herself, sometime." She is afraid that something bad will happen to him on his voyage; even though he knows what he is doing is not religiously correct, he doesn't care. SP. Young Goodman Brown's name, "brown" represents He continues on his travails; Goodmen brown's wife is a symbol of his own faith in God. SP. As he started walking away from his loving wife, "he looked back and saw the head of Faith still peeping after him, with a melancholy air, despite of her pink ribbons." He now is starting to worry a little, but her hope for him is still keeping goodman brows hopes high for his soon to come journey. Faith's pink ribbons represents his hope and his ignorance of the towns folk; Faith is still looking out for him. SP. He continues walking to his destination and says, "Well; she is a blessed angel on earth; and after this one night, I'll cling to her skirts and follow her to Heaven." Goodman Brown believes Faith will help him recover from his negative views when he returns home, he knows she will help him recover from his visit with the traveler.
In the second section young Goodman Brown starts to question is faith. After he ventures far from home he encounters the traveler and says, "Faith kept me back awhile." This pun is important because it represents his wife and ...

... middle of paper ... Brown." Either way if it was relity or a dream, its a bad omen. He lost trust in his faith and everyone in his village he "often, awaking suddenly at midnight, he shrank from the bosom of Faith, and at morning or eventide,when the family knelt down to prayer, he scowled, and mutterd to himself, and gazed sternly at his wife, and tunred away." His life was gloom after the encounter with the devil, he turned suspitious of everyone, including Faith. The thoughts of his encounter were too vivid to get out of his mind that be became a gloomy man. Never again will he be the same.
If you have no one any longer to belive in its hard to resist evil sin. The symbols of this story help lead to the point of how isolated he made himself at the end of his life with because he sees the same traits in them as he sees in himself, because he also wanted to meet with the devil.
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