Young Adults in Long Distance Relationships

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Summer romance, crazy flings, and first loves; these are all common occurrences during those high school years. High school relationships are essentially the beginning of a teenager’s dating career; dating helps young adults develop their emotions and temperament while being with a significant other. In a way dating prepares students for the real world that they will soon have to endure. For teens in high school, the most complicated relationships are long distance ones. Long distance relationships are a difficult task to handle, with each individual willing to take a chance at ‘tough love’. Though it is good for teenagers to be able to experience relationships in different circumstances, long distance relationships are believed to be tough to handle as mere high school students. More often these affairs end badly due to the lack of emotional strength or, perhaps, lack of maturity. A couple puts in a great deal of effort to be together regardless of the distance separating them, in order that it may prove to be more than just a fling.

“So how do you stay close and get even closer, when you're so far apart? It's not simple, but it's not impossible.” (Amenstein, Sherry). Like any other type of relationship, it begins the same way, butterflies in your stomach, love only a glance away, and all the clichés; but this one has a catch, it’s actually too good to be true. However, opposed to other typical high school relationships, most of those individuals who choose to be (involved) in long distance relationships generally have an average of 14 months of planning before actually deciding on being together. This demonstrates that more thought goes into a long distance relationship, due to the fact that the 'distant' couple is more patient...

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...rare occasion that a teenager is actually fully developed and mature to handle a long distance relationship, it won’t be taken seriously by many people, especially by their parents who will most likely disapprove. The bitter end to this story is that it depends an awful lot on the pair’s characteristics and emotional strength, trust, communication, etcetera. Many teen agers are not emotionally prepared to handle a long distance relationship and those who are, are dismissed by adults who believe that they are not mature enough.

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