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With a crucial growth of the population there is a massive increase of job demands. Also, the typical sign that represents young adults in the 21st Century is media and technology, as they were directly influenced by its impacts since childhood. Early and mid twenty year olds seems to prefer to work in an environment that is technologically heavily supported and rich of gadgets that should make their work more efficient and effective. Therefore, any job in this field has become extremely attractive. One of the very promising areas is the YouTube entrepreneurship, as it offers the opportunity to monetize the uploaded videos. Relatively non-demanding work requirements lead many people to believe that they can easily start an effective YouTube business. As a result, there are many young people who recklessly invest a tremendous amount of money on editing software, cameras and its equipment, but they do not realize that the key to success is to invest time and effort in the planning the business and polishing the content of the video.

To start a YouTube business seems to be significantly less demanding than to start an actual company. Nevertheless, a person has to definitely decide to put effort into the development of this career as he or she would put into any other careers. Many beginners make a crucial mistake right at the beginning. Before they even think about the actual content of the videos, they invest a tremendous amount of money into equipment. That means expensive cameras, microphones and editing software. First of all, a person has to be at least interested in video making. That should enhance their motivation and make the startup easier. The most eminent issue is to create the idea and answer questions like “What kind o...

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